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Food & Wine Pairing

How to find the perfect wine to pair with a special dinner or a simple everyday dish?

Drinking what you like or choosing a common preference amongst dining partners is the most important!


Consider the dish or meal as a whole and try what makes sense. Avoid overwhelming the food with the wine and vice versa. Try bold, flavorful wines with more substantial, heartier dishes or lighter, more delicate wines with similar fare. Richly textured wines can pair well with richer dishes or sauces, keeping in mind a red wine with a nice dose of tannins can help cleanse your palate after a bite of rib eye steak or a white wine with refreshing acidity can serve the same purpose with rich chicken and cream sauce.


Also, dishes containing the acidity of a lemon based sauce or a tomato sauce will match up with a wine of similar characteristics such as a crisp Sauvignon Blanc or a zesty Sangiovese.


By contrast, spicier food such as some Asian, Latin or Cajun dishes can be a good partner with wine containing fresh, clean, fruity flavors with little or no oak influence or a slight sweetness.


In the end, drink what you like or if you are feeling curious or even adventurous, try different combinations and see what works for you – and, have a little fun in the process!