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We moved to the United States from Germany because we fell in love with the beautiful landscapes and the openness of the people living in this big country. Our daughter Chiara Marie was born in Aspen, Colorado on August 15, 2009 – so we really found our luck in America! We have a beautiful store (at least our customers tell us that!) with hardwood floor, antique fixtures and highly frequented wine tastings every Friday. was the natural next step for us to make our well chosen wine selection available throughout the US. Why Just check out our last names… Germany is known as an important wine producing country, and apart from that, Rudy has lived in Tuscany for 12 years, which led to a deep love for Italian wine!

You will find wines, recipes, food pairing on the site, but also fun stuff in our blogs about soccer, horseback riding and a lot more things that we would enjoy to share with you.


We love selling wines and we put our heart & soul into the store every single day – we want you to have fun shopping experience at!


Sigrid, Rudy & Chiara Marie Pieper